SATINIQUE® is a hair care collection that unites science, nature and beauty in a whole new way – for a sensational look that radiates vitality.

No matter what condition your hair is in, you’ll find something to suit in the comprehensive range of products developed for the unique SATINIQUE system.

There are three categories of product to choose from, all of which can be used in harmony with the others, depending on the outcome you seek for your hair.

Care – Shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to address specific hair needs – from volume to repair, colour protection, scalp nourishment and essential care.

Treat – repair, renew and revitalise. SATINIQUE can get your hair back on track to fabulous no matter how much you’ve dyed it, fried it or exposed it to the elements.

Style – the way you wear your hair is an expression of you that is every bit as unique as your dress sense or your signature fragrance. SATINIQUE style products help you create, shape and hold any look you choose to step out with, day or night.

Which combination do you need? Start choosing the perfect SATINIQUE system for your hair now!