Enerjuve Ingredients

The ENERJUVE™ complex nourishes hair from the inside out, working on multiple levels to transform and repair hair; composed of lipids, creatine and 18-MEA.

Here’s how it works on those three vital layers:

Creatine – Level 1

Natural amino acid derivative which has been shown to benefit the hair. Helps improve strength to damaged hair by reinforcing electrostatic bonds.

Lipids – Levels 2&3

• Composed of ceramides 2 & 3, cholesterol and fatty acids.

• Components of the Cell Membrane Complex act as a cement to help ‘glue’ cuticle layers and cortical filaments together.

• Key component to help maintain the integrity and moisture of hair.

18-MEA - Levels 2&3 Unique fatty acid found only in hair.

• Component of the Cell Membrane Complex that binds to the outside of the cuticle for protection.

• Contributes to shine and smoothness of the hair.

• Works synergistically with lipids to improve hair strength and elasticity.